Nartag Apk Download [Watch Anime] Free on Android

Nartag Apk Download [Watch Anime] Free on Android


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No more searching for anime apps. Try Nartag Anime streaming app! A perfect and safe platform to watch and download anime completely free.

Why is Nartag a Great Choice?

Nartag anime app is a top choice for a couple of reasons. It provides viewers with a mass catalog of anime, including old and latest shows. Most anime fans love to watch old-school animations like Dragon Ball Z, and others like the latest shows like Attack on Titan. So, at Nartag APK, you’ll surely find something that will double your entertainment level.

Moreover, it is completely available free of cost and is safe and legal to use. If you want peace of mind or looking for a comprehensive way to stream anime series, then you must check out this amazing app.

Even you can also try some other similar apps from this website two of which include Nartag and Animeflv.

The Advanced Benefits of Nartag

Here are some fantastic features that make it a fantastic app.

Top Anime Shows

This Anime app has an expansive library of different anime shows and episodes. It provides you with popular anime series that are on trending or in the top 10 list, such as Death Note, Naruto, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, Dragon Ball Z, and more. These all are top-rated anime shows, which means at this app, you’ll make your every moment wonderful.

Safe and Legal Streaming

There are lots of anime sites or applications available to stream anime shows. With the rising popularity of these shows, many anime apps come illegally, and such platforms offer you pirated anime series, which can harm your devices. 

When it comes to a safe and legal way to stream anime, it is a winning app. It provides the safest way and is legal. This means you can enjoy anime with peace of mind.

Additionally, the app has incorporated all security protocols that protect your device and other personal information. Which means there is no chance that your data can be stolen. 

Great User Interface

The app has an easy user interface. You’ll see that the app is divided into multiple sections, making it convenient for you to search shows more effortlessly. By using the app interface, you’ll get these benefits: 

No matter whether you’re watching shows in high definition, the app will not freeze or lag, or you can watch without buffering and loading issues.

The app will only take your device a little space, and your device won’t slow down because this app is lightweight.

The app provides an easy search bar option to quickly search anime by genre, name, year, or other criteria. Also, you can search for anime simply using the voice recorder icon.

Built-in Features

The app has lots of built-in features that make it the best among the rest. At Nartag APK, you can make your custom watchlist of anime shows you desire to watch later. You can easily download shows and watch them offline without the internet.

You can watch or stream shows on different video quality options, share your reviews and thoughts, and provide recommendations to others. And also, by getting others’ recommendations, you can find new and best anime shows.

Free to Use and Download

This app provides free access to all contents and an easy download option. You can watch and download shows for free and of high quality. Find your favorite movie and click the download arrow to download the series. The app will download it on your device, and you can watch it anytime.

Relevant Recommendations

The app provides you with relevant anime recommendations that you’re interested in. It will help you to find your kind of shows quickly and help you to discover more series and increase your satisfaction.

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The Challenges of Using Nartag

Below are some of the challenges it provides to its users.

Few Advertisements

Like many free anime apps, Nartag APK has advertisements to generate revenue to support its applications. So, it frequently displays ads during streaming which can be frustrating or annoying.

Having such ads in the app may have drawbacks, such as ads can track your browsing activity and contain viruses, malicious content, or malware.

Non-Availability in all Regions

This is undoubtedly a great platform, but it’s not accessible in all regions. Some anime fans in those regions may not get access to this app and can’t enjoy its incredible benefits.

Non-compatibility of a Few Devices

You can use the app on various devices, but you won’t be able to use it on iPhone or other iOS devices. There are a few reasons why it is not compatible with iOS. First, the application does not meet the guidelines of the Apple app store, and second, the developer of the Nartag APK may have limited resources to develop an iOS version of the app.

How to Watch Anime Series Offline at Nartag?

If you want to watch anime series anytime or travel somewhere without an internet connection. You can still stream anime series on this app.

Follow these few steps and get anime series on your device:

  • Browse different anime series and pick the best one to watch
  • Click on the download button
  • The anime shows or episodes will begin downloading
  • Once it finishes, you can enjoy offline viewing.

An Easy Instruction on How to Download and Install Nartag

To download the application on your device, follow the given instructions.

  • Tap on the download icon to download the latest version. 
  • Open the download file, and press on install. 
  • A pop-up window on your mobile screen will display, asking you permission to allow the device to install the app from an “unknown source.” Click on “Yes” to finish the process. 
  • Once you give access, the application will start the installation, and once it’s finished, you will get the app on your device.
  • Now open the app and launch it.


The Nartag app is a highly recommended anime app. It ensures you always have something new to explore and makes your journey more enjoyable. The app has a mass category of anime shows and is free of cost. So, don’t miss the chance to explore the app. Download it today and make your animation journey unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nartag the safest app to watch anime?

Yes, it is the safest anime app and provides legal streaming services. It means you can free yourself from worries about malware, viruses, and other privacy violations.

How do I download the series from Nartag? 

You can effortlessly download any show. Just tap on your favorite series you want to download. Once it opens, you get the download button at the bottom. Click on the download and enjoy anime or offline watching.

On which device is Nartag compatible? 

The application works fine with most devices. However, it may not support iOS devices. 

Are subtitles and dubbing options available at Nartag? 

Yes, the app offers subtitles and dubs in different languages. However, you may not find subtitles and dubbing options in several series or movies.

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